Frothy Alchemilla (‘Living’ Flowers)

Frothy Alchemilla mollis

SIZE: 12.5 x 12.5 x 4 cm (Size approx. to nearest cm) currently in deep, natural wood box frame

MEDIA: Mixed Media on deep-edged canvas. Canvas edges are painted.

PRICE: £50 (Adjustable Easel £5)


Who can resist a splash of ‘living’ colour and enduring freshness on a shelf, sill or small portion of wall?

Fresh, favourite garden flowers (and the occasional wild flower) embedded in medium gently dry as the medium dessicates – then come to life again with the application of layers of acrylic paint. Beneath sealing layers of resin (or varnish) the natural foliage dips and dives and rests secure, each portrait a mini memory full of intrigue.

A nonagenarian gardening friend recommends taking a walk round the garden every single day to see what’s happening – she’s right!

Flowers with smaller petals or many-headed tiny blooms work well in this context; my favs for these artworks are this frothy Alchemilla mollis and the ever surprising, often multi-coloured Lobelia.

Hold a garden memory all year round…