Waiting for Bluebells 2

Waiting for Bluebells 2

SIZE: 41 x 41 x 4 cm (Size approx. to nearest cm)

MEDIA: Mixed Media on Deep-edged Canvas. Canvas edges are painted. (Unframed, but just ask, we frame box canvas…)

PRICE: £110

… Legend has it that if you’re looking for fairies, walking in a ring around a bluebell will call them to your side! This textured, tactile painting helps plant your feet in the heart of the woodland…

It’s pretty easy to imagine where such stories came from when you see a carpet of bluebells in our ancient woodlands. You’re never really that far from a bluebell wood when you’re in the UK, although the flowering season is sometimes over in the blink of a fairy’s eye, so you need to be there in late April/May!

Some local woodlands are very well ordered at this time of year under the welcome management of England’s Woodland Trust (Dockey’s Wood) – we prefer the wild and wonderful discoveries round many corners in the local Ashridge Forest.

Waiting for Bluebells 1