Artist’s Statement

Painting the outdoors with positive, energetic colour and creative textures is my response to capturing the memory of many mindful moments in places I love. My artwork seeks to reach beyond the memory to bring about a tangible, accessible, enduring and joyful image.

I paint about nature and the landscape of my homes, ‘here’ in the striking Chiltern Hills and ‘there’ on the beautiful island of Ireland where I grew up, my first ‘beloved home’. The colours and textures in my work aim to lift memories beyond the location, the camera lense or the sketch book and convert them into ‘heart stories’, real or imagined.

My paintings usually begin with an appraisal of where I can ‘feel’ the three-dimensional elements and what colour palette the scene or subject elicits – banked up snowdrifts, soaring cliffs and rising waves, textured foliage or grasses, boulders and bark, distant hills and paths. Each painterly stroke conveys an awareness of dimensionality and each original work is unique.

Looking for a way to rejuvenate your living environment? ‘Start with the Art’; art is a powerful tool in any room and sets the tone. Allow my colourful, textural, contemporary paintings to pique your own memories, draw your own parallels and remind you of the stories in your heart – whether past, present or of dreams to the future…

What a lovely thing to say…

Bright, explosive colour and expression depicting views of the Chilterns and the stunning scenery around. Margaret pours herself into the colour and the seasons, an artist who connects with the outside world, and strives to demonstrate it’s vibrancy.

PC, Hertfordshire, England
Red Sky at the Farm (available)

Delighted to receive, beautifully packaged and safely shipped from UK, colourful mixed media work reflecting so vividly our fond memories of visiting Wormslow Plantation in Savannah, Georgia. What a vibrant reminder of our memorable family vacation – a treasured keepsake from a skilled artist.

SW, North Carolina, USA
Walking in Savannah

Margaret uses a bright and colourful palette, but that is not to say that her paintings are one-dimensional. Indeed, there is a depth of insight and compassion that is made all the more poignant through its colourful and often textural representation. In her painting, ‘The Crop that Failed’, Margaret manages to convey the hope that the two women in the field must cling to, even in the face of imminent starvation. 

VH, Oxfordshire, UK
The Crop that Failed

Bright, beautiful and bold… some of the words I use to try and describe my stunning painting by Margaret Liversidge. Her work is filled with life and vivid colour, bringing a little bit of the glorious outdoors into your home. It’s a pleasure to behold each day-so much so, that I repainted my home office just so I could hang my painting in there to while away the tedious hours of working from home with a splash of joy.

GG, Buckinghamshire, UK
Jimson Flower
Partnach Gorge Bavaria Abstract

I have wonderful vistas of textured paintings of meaningful places I’ve visited -from Bavaria to the fenlands, skilfully ‘formed’ and painted by Margaret Liversidge. They depict rugged mountains and vibrant sunsets and sit proudly on my walls inviting conversation and intrigue. I am delighted with the Art works.

AW, Cambridgeshire, UK

Eastern Gate, Delft

I am very pleased to have two of Margaret’s paintings on my walls. I love the colours they have, and her use of texture certainly adds impact.

PW, London, UK