Dolmens and Capstones

This wild, western coast of Wales seems to give rise to many prehistoric sites, not least of all Carreg Samson which we discovered in a farmer’s field near the tiny harbour of Abercastle. Impressively guarded by dozens of sheep – or perhaps offering an inimitable shelter to the sheep – […]

From Prime Minister to Primroses

Drawing Room: Portrait of Mary Anne Disraeli, Benjamin Disraeli’s wife It’s that time of year when clear skies and colour – and above all bloom and blossom in whatever form – have to be tracked down, appreciated or sadly ‘missed’ for another season. So it’s off to make the most […]

Secrets at Speke Hall

Families have secrets and the very wealthy Norris family who began building the beautiful Speke Hall Tudor Manor c1530 had more than many. The ‘riddles’ of Speke Hall connect to the practice of the Catholic faith banned under the rule of Henry V111 and later Elizabeth 1. It was such […]