So what’s happening at ‘Field View Studio’?

Bucks. (Buckinghamshire) Art Weeks (BAW) 8th-23rd June 2023 Open Studio (and Garden)

8 participating artists and makers

Art At Wingrave 2023 (24-26th November) Open Studio

13 participating artists and makers – advertising design is underway – more news to follow.

Bucks. (Buckinghamshire) Art Weeks (BAW) (10-25th June 2023) Open Studio

Open Studio Week-End at Field View Studio (30th April – 2nd May 2022)

Back by popular request – the acclaimed Wingrave Scarecrow Festival! We plan on joining in with the fun – as a venue on the Trail Map and with our first attempt at a ‘scare-crow’ – ‘Walt‘ (Disney) will be at the gates of Field View to welcome you and point you in the right direction. So take a walk round this lovely ‘Rothschildvillage, identify the scarecrows adopting a Disney theme this year and come and enjoy Original Art in our Field View Studio with perhaps a ‘sit’ in the garden to recover from the route!


Bucks. Art Weeks (11-26th June 2022)

Yes we’re signed up! Field View Studio ‘Group’ or ‘Collective‘ or ‘Artists’ (or whatever the collective noun is, we’ve chosen ‘Collective’) will host our Open Studio at home here – Field View – from 11-26th June 2022. We plan on opening from Wednesday to Sunday during the event, 10.30 – 4.30 p.m.

Who are we? – an enthusiastic seven bringing to the event stone sculpture, ceramics, glass and fabric, pencil and pastel portraiture, designer lamps and light sculptures and my textural mixed media paintings. See you there – or here I should say! (Pictures to follow…) Some ‘live’ demos during the event. 


Art at Wingrave (November 2021)

Well what is there to say, it was amazing! What a courageous thing it was when we look back and yet everything seemed to fall into place for this, a first ever, Art At Wingrave event which we hosted across most of our home – and garden of course. In total we were 13 Artists and Makers offering Open House from 19-21st November, a Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 

We cleared rooms, moved furniture, covered carpets, tidied the winter garden and managed to accommodate a line-up which included sculpture, ceramics, textile and glass work, pastel and pencil art, original illustrative paintings, fabric, original lamps and my own mixed media paintings.

And would we do it again, is there a next time? We have already been asked – by the artists of course and many of the 350+ folk who we welcomed to the occasion; so watch this space…. (Pictures to follow…)

P.S. We owe a debt of thanks to local artist Christine Bass for her advice and pointers towards this event. Thanks Christine! 

Open Gardens at Field View during BAW (June 2021)

There’s so much happening in our lovely village of Wingrave, Buckinghamshire, not least of all the much acclaimed and popular Open Gardens occasion which takes place every three years. We would all be much too exhausted with gardening to manage this on an annual basis!

In 2021 over 20 gardens opened to the public for just two days, Saturday and Sunday and during that time we welcomed a mere 340 visitors through our lovely garden which has wide reaching views across the Vale of Aylesbury. The astonishing thing – Wingrave Open Gardens 2021 took place on the middle week-end of the planned BAW so we were able to double up and not only welcome guests to our garden but also to our new Studio at the same time, what a treat and quite an effort!

As to refreshments, here’s to a hearty recommendation for Whole Earth drinks – yes in cans – but delicious elderflower or ginger or apple… and we didn’t need to boil the kettle at all! Proceeds were donated to Alzheimer’s Society. and a quick tip, it seems that not stating a ‘price’ generates more for charity in donations than having pre-priced cakes and drinks. (Pictures to follow…)

Bucks. (Buckinghamshire) Art Weeks (BAW) June 2021

2021 began as the year of uncertainty for all concerned, but by June studios and venues across the County were buzzing with activity. As Covid began to ease in the Spring, BAW organisers proposed an additional week in March for registration – this was the final draw and so in we jumped with both feet, signing up to participate in our first ever BAW. Our garage conversion had begun in January and, well on the way, we reckoned on having our own ‘Studio’ space ready for the occasion – which it was!

The twist in the tale? New to the game we tried hard to ‘get it right’. However we omitted to mention in our fliers that we planned on opening from Wednesday to Sunday, remaining closed on Mondays and Tuesdays as many studios are. very reluctant to turn anyone away we merrily ran to the full 17 days consecutively – and had a great time! Planning ahead? Yes we hope to sign up for BAW 2022 when the time comes. (Pictures to follow…)