Evening Sentinel

Evening Sentinel (as seen on TV ‘Escape to the Country’)

SIZE: 61 x 46 x 4 cm (size approx. to nearest cm)

MEDIAMixed Media on deep-edged canvas.

Edges of the canvas are painted as part of the image so the painting is ready to hang without framing if wished – but just ask, we can arrange framing of box canvas in a ‘tray’ or ‘box’ frame.

PRICE: £170

   …textured agricultural land rolls across this Chiltern hillside towards the distant evening lights… the majestic ash interrupts the horizon with its sweeping, upward-tipped, winter branches in silhouette against the drama of the darkening sky…

May this shapely, regal ash stand the test of time and resist the advance of ash die-back. Lesions, leaf loss, crown die-back and branch fall are not welcome here.

There’s no knowing where on the wind the spurious spores come from but please, may they never reach ‘my’ tree, my favourite tree, the one I wake to in the morning and say goodnight to as I draw my curtains – ‘my’ 100 foot Field Ash, Fraxinus excelsior, just a long stone’s throw over the low garden wall.