Still, Still, Calm and Chill

Dandering in Donegal (2)

SIZE: 50 x 40 x 4 cm (Size approx. to nearest cm)

MEDIA: Oil on deep-edged Canvas (unframed, but just ask, we can arrange framing of any box
canvas) The canvas edges are painted as part of the image.

PRICE: £160

… that deserted, glorious beach with still, still waves scarcely lapping on the transparent shore…

White sandy beaches reside in splendid isolation all along the bays and inlets of Donegal and the west coast of Ireland. Often backed by hill and mountain regions in myriad hues, the views in this part of the western world are supreme. And on this occasion, the Atlantic is still, still, calm and chill …

The eye lifts to the distant hills and wonder is triggered by the remote, white shore-hugging cottage. Here’s to painting a memory for any – a return to Ireland embracing the invigorating Atlantic air, or a yearning for tranquil, faraway shores – if a little chill!