Surge (Atlantic Series)

SIZE: 40 x 40 x 4 cm (Size approx. to nearest cm)

MEDIA: Acrylic on deep-edged canvas. The painting is extended around the deep edges of the canvas to create a continuous, immersive experience without the interruption of a frame.

(Framing preferred? Just ask, we can arrange framing of box canvas with our framer)

PRICE: £160

… feeling the spray, the energy and dynamism…

In painting ‘Surge’ I have aimed to capture the thrill and excitement of this actual Atlantic wave, whether remembered and photographed from sea-sprayed shores or from the deck of an ocean going boat … it draws me in, rivets my attention with no land mass in sight to distract the eye, just the infinity and vastness of the ocean. Blues may be cool, here they are exciting and absorbing. Feel that ‘three dimensional’ wave…