The Bench

THE BENCH – Shady Summer Sitting Sold


SIZE: 61 x 46 x 4cm (size approx. to nearest cm)

MIXED MEDIA on deep-edged canvas (unframed: but just ask, we frame any box canvas…) Please note that the canvas edges are painted as part of the image. 


The painting of this solitary spot, secluded on the ridge of popular local woodland (Wendover Woods, Buckinghamshire, UK.), coincided with the publication of a certain book entitled ‘The Bench’ by the Duchess of Sussex.

The ‘feel’ of the textural foreground and the security of the anchoring tree-trunk invite a long and mindful ‘sit’, gazing into the distance with a hint of the Chiltern ridge arising. This bench comes up trumps time and again.

(Handmade cards of this Artwork have flown off the shelves with some rather ‘tongue in cheek’ purchasers…)